Important GS-441524 (FIP) Information!

Due to a recent increase in registration requests, the registration completion process is taking longer than expected.

If you urgently need to prescribe, GS-441524 50mg for FIP please use this form or call us directly at 856-505-5222.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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This form is for veterinary facilities that want to use the iFill platform to order compounds or specialized manufactured medications.

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Do you submit prescriptions in a patient's name?  Do you place orders for in-house-use? - maybe both - we get it.

DTC Direct to Client: If you are going to be sending in prescriptions, we need to know the primary doctor responsible for those prescriptions.
We know that you may have a lot of doctors at your facility, we can add more doctors once your registration is complete - so let's just add one for now. Copy to DTO -->>

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DTO Direct to Office: If you are going to be placing orders for in-house-use use, we will need to know the name of the person (DEA Registrant) responsible for those orders.
Frequently this is the primary doctor at your facility, but it could be a DEA registrant or other authority. Let's get those details. We only need one. <<-- Copy to DTC

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Doctors and Registered Agents often allow staff members to place orders on their behalf.

If you want, go ahead and give us the information for one of those staff members so we can get them up and running quickly.

More staff members can be added after your registration is finalized.

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If you need to place an order for your office right away please call 888-508-5032 to speak with our Direct-to-Office Team.

If you need to script out for a patient now, please call 800-754-5222 to speak with a pharmacist.

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